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4 Fun Ways and How to Teach a Child the Quranic Memorization

All You Need to Know about Learning Quran for Kids

Since parents have the responsibility of teaching their kids what is good and beneficial for them, Many Muslim families all around the world put learning Quran for children as a priority. Teaching Quran for kids is considered the best investment parents could ever do for their children because learning holy Quran and teaching kids Quran actually mean having a complete code of life that has been sent as guidance and mercy for the entire human race.

In addition to that, teaching Quran for children is recommendable at early ages because childhood is the best age to memorize Quran as their minds are still fresh and can learn how to read Quran easily as well as learning Quran with Tajweed.

How to make Child Hafiz of the Quran from the Very Beginning?

Many parents just feel confused and do not know what to start with in order to achieve the goal of teaching kids Quran properly and instill the love of studying holy Quran in their hearts. Here are 3 practical tips of Quran for kids step-by-step that can make Quran for children much more effective:

1- Start with Reading Quran Basics:

So as to master Quran for kids, we should give the Quran reading basics due attention and time such as the Arabic alphabet for beginners and how to read complete words and sentences when teaching kids Quran. the first step of learning how to read Quran correctly requires learning Quran phonetics and characteristics of Quranic writing, Arabic alphabet course with its connected form, Sukoon, Shaddah, Tanween… etc.

2- Go to Quran Recitation for Kids and Tajweed for Kids:

Right after that, teach your kid how to recite Quran the correct way; the way it is supposed to be recited as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Quran recitation rules and Arabic Tajweed are crucial means when teaching Quran for kids as well as adults because learning to read Quran with Tajweed means learning the correct pronunciation of each letter and all Quran recitation rules. In addition to that, Quran recitation word by word is illuminating and rewarding all through the journey of teaching Quran for children as every recited Ayah counts as ten good deeds!

3- Time for Quran Memorization Techniques and Hifz Programs:

After learning how to read with Tajweed and other Quran recitation rules, you can now proceed the Quran for kids journey and start Quran memorization with your child. Thankfully, there are many online Hifz courses (Quran memorization courses) on the internet. You can even start with the Quran memorization word by word and pick for your kid short and easy Surahs to memorize.

4 Fun ways to teach Quran for Kids?

Here are some fruitful tips that can make Quran for kids way easier and keep them passionate about learning to read Quran in Arabic and memorize it the correct way:

1- Use Quranic Arabic Stories for Kids

Excite your children with different Quranic Arabic stories for children during the journey of teaching kids Quran. They can draw many useful lessons from the stories of previous civilizations and the lifestyle of prophets when they learn holy Quran. It is considered one easy way to learn Quran effectively as storytelling keeps children engaged in learning and makes Quran for kids much more interesting.

2- Turn Teaching Quran for Child into a Game

One easy way to learn Quran effectively when teaching kids Quran is to keep it fun. Kids tend to cling to the things that are interactive and engaging. If you really want your children to stay in the flow and retrain what they learn of Quran for kids, then you need to find a way to keep learning Quran for children enjoyable.

3- Enroll in a Proper Online Quran Course for Kids

Taking your kids with you to a near mosque or enrolling in online Quran lessons can be one of the most effective ways by which you can teach Quran for kids the proper way. Studying Quran online can give you much flexibility to choose what suits your kids best and it can also save you a lot of time all through the Quran for children journey. Fortunately, there are many online Quran memorization courses, Quran recitation for kids and online Tajweed courses on the internet.

4- Search for a Private Quran Tutor

One of the golden pieces of advice is to have a skilled Quran teacher for your children that can teach them how to read Quran correctly with no pronunciation mistakes. Having an online Quran teacher has many benefits because you are going to teach Quran online for your kids from the comfort of your home!

All in all, we should all make teaching kids Quran as a priority because we are responsible for guiding them to the straight path. Moreover, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders in our Muslim communities and Prophet Muhammad pbuh once said: “the best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

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