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Learn Quran Online: Pros and Cons of Online Quran Learning

Learn Quran Online: Pros and Cons of Online Quran Learning

There is no doubt that every Muslim should do his/her best to learn Quran as it is our Holy Book that is revealed by Allah, the Almighty. Nowadays, there are various ways for learning Quran such as the traditional way through mosques, schools, or Islamic institutions or the online Quran classes. The trend recently goes for online Quran learning. Definitely, every method has advantages and disadvantages that we are going to tackle here in this article.

Pros of Online Quran Teaching Learning the Quran Online Has Many Advantages

1- Flexibility in timing and accessibility

Learning Quran online is so beneficial either for kids or adults as it makes it easy for the Quran learner to set a suitable time for him/her without violating their work time or even their quality time. Besides, it facilitates the process of learning for it saves the time of transportation and waiting in the traditional way. There are also many platforms among which you can select the one that suits you, either in the cost, teachers, or timing. It is also available for you to make up the class if you miss it under any circumstances to get the utmost benefit.

2- Professionalism of Online Quran Tutors

The online Quran learning is very beneficial in terms of teachers as they are selected carefully. Furthermore, they undergo periodical trainings to brief them with the recent updates of teaching methods and techniques. The Quran tutor is the most important factor for he delivers the information and controls the learner’s mind during the session. Thus, unlike the traditional way of learning Quran, the Quran e-learning gives you the chance to choose the best tutors ever from all over the world without any restrictions. They can also evaluate and follow you up so you can reach your goal easily. They also provide you with the most updated and efficient materials.

3- Security and Supervision of Online Quran Learning

This feature is very important especially for the kids and the parents. The parents are very cautious about their kids as this method makes them avoid dangers and risks that they might face in the traditional way of learning Quran. In addition, it provides the parents with the chance to supervise their kids, help them, and follow them up. This means that the online Quran classes for kids are very important and beneficial way more than the traditional way. The one on one classes also makes the kids concentrate more and understand better as the teachers use various techniques to suit every type of learner.

4- Free Trials and No Restrictions

This feature really helps as when you have online Quran classes, you are in no need to pay until you try and decide. This makes you try the Quality of the Quran online teaching and to judge whether it will benefit you or you prefer another way of learning. This makes you more comfortable when you start booking the Quran online classes as it ensures that you will not waste your time or money.

Cons of Online Quran Learning

1- Lack of Physical Interaction in the Online Quran Classes

The online Quran classes lack physical interaction and some people get distracted. This distraction might happen because the Quran learner does not see the teacher in person and, sometimes, they lose their attention. This is why some people still prefer the traditional way of learning. It also lacks the social ties that people can create if they meet personally in the mosque or at an Islamic institution. This might make learners get bored and become lazy and lost.

2- No Spirit of Competition and Lack of Motivation

One of the worst disadvantages of online Quran learning is the lack of competition that learners can enjoy in the physical classes. This might lead them to lose motivation and self-challenge. Besides, students sometimes become lazy as a result of this lack of motivation and competition with the other classmates or friends that fill them with energy and challenge. Although the Quran online teachers try to motivate the learners, they still feel that they are bored and not motivated.

Online Quran Learning is the Best Choice

Despite the few numbers of disadvantages of online Quran learning, nowadays, the best choice is to learn Quran online in order to stay safe and to save time and money. Every method of learning Quran has advantages and disadvantages, but the online Quran teaching method has more benefits and is the most beneficial method of learning, especially amid the current situations in the world.

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