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8 Ways That Can Make Teaching Arabic for Kids Way Easier!

8 Ways That Can Make Teaching Arabic for Kids Way Easier

It is known that learning in early age is of great importance as it is like engraving on a stone and it literally lays the foundation for all that is to come. That is why all of us should make teaching kids Arabic as a priority because Arabic is considered a sacred language in which our Holy Quran and all the Islamic heritage are written.

The main problem that face the majority of parents is how to start teaching Arabic to a child but fortunately there are many useful and practical tips that can make the journey much easier. Here are 8 of them:

1- Link Arabic to the Holy Quran

As our Honorable Quran is written in Arabic, it is a good chance to link between them during the Arabic lessons for kids. You can easily achieve that by playing Quran softly in the background while you get on your daily routine. That is super useful and effective in so many levels; it makes Arabic language familiar to them and it also keeps your children’s hearts attached to the words of Allah swt.

2- Have patience!

No doubt that everything seems to be difficult or even impossible at the beginning but the truth is Arabic learning for kids is totally achievable and quite fun. You just need to persist and believe that it is worth it.

3- Excite them with stories in Arabic.

One easy way to learn Arabic or even teach it to your children is through Arabic stories for children. Storytelling plays a vital role in teaching and is perceived as the oldest form used throughout history as it keeps children engaged in learning. It also promotes the development of your child’s skills and language. You can find many bedtime Arabic stories for kids that are really interesting and enjoyable.

4- Make Arabic classes for kids fun.

Children’s minds tend to pay more attention when the things they learn are fun and engaging. Serious teaching and classes are boring and of no benefit. Do your best to turn teaching Arabic for kids into a game. Day by day, you will notice how much the level of your children in Arabic improves.

5- Start with the basics of Arabic.

A lot of parents just feel so confused because they have no idea how to start teaching Arabic for children. One of the most fruitful pieces of advice is to start with the Arabic alphabet for beginners and the most commonly used phrases that cover our daily routine. Starting with the basics strengthens the foundation and can catapult the progress of your children forward.

6- Do it again… and again!

It is said that practice makes perfect. Repetition is considered one of the most fruitful key learning aids and is crucial in teaching the Arabic language for kids. All children need repetition in order to master any new skill as it stimulates their brains to learn and develops self-confidence.

7- Dedication is key!

One practical tip that can make a massive difference is to carve out some time every day for learning new vocabulary and Arabic grammar rules. Just try to put these new words in simple sentences and phrases so as to make your children able to use them spontaneously in their daily routine.

8- Register for an online Arabic class for kids.

Having a native Arabic teacher for your child can be one of the most effective ways by which you can make your child speak Arabic fluently with no pronunciation mistakes. It can save you a lot of time during the journey of teaching Arabic for kids.

A team of highly qualified tutors at Riwaq Al Azhar Institute is more than ready to help in learning online Arabic for kids. We offer you the best Arabic course for kids that is specially designed to suit all ages and levels. We also send monthly reports to the parents so as to keep track of their children’s progress.

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