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5 Reasons Show Why Online Quran Learning is More Effective for Kids

benefits of online Quran Learning for kids

Before mentioning the benefits of online Quran learning for kids, we should know first the importance of teaching the Quran for children.

The Importance of Online Quran Teaching for kids:

Prophet Mohammed (may Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) has asserted for many times the importance of learning and teaching Quran in a number of Hadiths. For instance, ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.” [Al-Bukhari].

It is also necessary to know that it is not only a matter of recitation but what really matters is beholding its morals and following its teachings. A true Muslim is the one who applies everything he/she learns from the Quran as it contains many didactic lessons for every Muslim to learn and apply. When this happens, you get to have the whole possible benefits on both personal and societal levels.

Here are some benefits of Online Live Quran Teaching for kids:

Why Quran learning for kids?

Nowadays, online teaching becomes greatly widespread as many people resorted to it due to its enormous benefits. When it comes to the Holy Quran, we should realize the importance of online Quran learning for kids and the benefits it brings for them and for their parents. In the past, the kids had to physically join a kutab (a traditional institute for teaching the Quran) or even to go to the masjid to be able to learn Quran. This traditional way was tiring for both the parents and the kids. But when the new method of teaching Quran online for kids emerged, it brought many benefits and facilitated the Quran learning process so much.

Live Quran classes for Kids 1st benefit: Flexibility of setting a suitable fixed time:

 In the old traditional way of teaching the Quran for kids, it was difficult to set a fixed time for the class that suits the parents and the kids who have busy schedules. On the other hand, the online Quran teaching method is flexible enough to set the day and the time that cope with parents’ and kids’ schedules. This flexibility of time bridges the gaps between the countries of the whole globe with different time zones.

Live online Quran learning for Kids 2nd benefit: Full attention and concentration in the class:

In the traditional way of learning the Quran, children were supposed to join groups and these groups are so crowded and every child does not receive enough attention or care. On the contrary, learning Quran online provides the child with a great opportunity to have the full attention of the teacher without any disturbance or distraction. This facilitates the processes of teaching and learning so much and creates a great chance for the teacher to correct the mistakes of the child while reciting and the child can ask freely whenever he wants.

Teaching Quran online for Kids 3rd benefit: Having excellent, highly-qualified, and competent and skillful Quran tutors:

In some areas in the world, it is not easy to find a Quran teacher that is qualified and experienced, and they spend much time searching for a good one. The online Quran teaching for kids allows the parents to find skillful teachers from all over the world without exerting much effort. The teachers are qualified in many fields so they can help in Tajweed and other domains of Islamic studies so they will add to the children.

Learn Quran online for Kids 4th benefit: Parents’ monitoring and maintaining the security of the children:

It is very important for the parents to ensure complete safety for the children against beating, shouting, or maltreatment like what usually happens in the traditional way of learning. The Quran online for kids classes is so safe as there is no physical treatment between the teacher and the child. Furthermore, it is accessible for the parents to monitor the class and ensure the proper treatment for their children. In addition, they can follow up with the teachers to make sure that their kids are improving and get benefit from the classes.

Live Quran courses for Kids 5th benefit: Interactive Quran learning with participation, practice, and feedback:

The traditional way of teaching does not ensure that the kids can interact well in the class due to several aspects such as the huge number of the group and the distraction. But, the online Quran teaching for kids ensures various methods of interaction in the session and the teachers have the know-how to do that.

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