online arabic classes for kids

Online Arabic Classes for Kids

One of the biggest struggles non-Arab Muslim parents face especially those who live in non-Muslim countries is to teach their children how to read and write Arabic correctly. Some parents dream about teaching their kids the Arabic language to help their kids to study and understand the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and to preserve the Islamic traditions and identity, or they want them to be in touch with their Arabic roots and to be able to communicate with their relatives, or simply to expose their kids to a new atmosphere and multiple cultures by teaching them a rich and fascinating language like Arabic.

But there are some serious hurdles that pop up before parents when they try to find the Arabic course for kids that help their children to learn Arabic in the fastest and most effective way. The first and most serious one is that it is pretty hard to find a native well-skilled Arabic teacher near them. In addition to that, in most cases, it costs a lot to have a native Arabic speaker who has years of experience in teaching Arabic for kids.

Fortunately, Riwaq Al Azhar Institute has the perfect solution to all these problems with a team of highly qualified native tutors and totally affordable fees. At Riwaq Al Azhar, you can find the best online Arabic course for your kids with specialized programs and curriculums that completely meet your child’s needs to master the Arabic language and delve into its magnificence.

About our Arabic For Kids Course

Our online Arabic classes for kids are specially designed to cover different levels and ages in the best way that makes your child learn how to read and write Arabic correctly and properly. Our atmosphere of teaching Arabic to a child is just so enjoyable and engaging because we do believe that kids tend to follow along when the things they learn are fun and connected to each other.

At the end of this course, your child will have the ability to read any Arabic text easily and spontaneously without even thinking as we use the most effective teaching methods and the best materials in learning Arabic such as Noorani Qaida and Nour Al Bayan book. All that your child then needs to read any Surah of the Holy Quran in a proper way is only to learn the Tajweed rules and recitation tactics.

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What Makes Riwaq Al Azhar The Best Choice for Your Children?

Specially designed Arabic courses for kids.

Our online Arabic classes for kids are specially designed to provide your children with the exact skills they require to master the Arabic language. We have devoted rigorous efforts in order to develop the best Arabic courses for kids that cover different levels and ages and meet the needs of your children.

Fun and engaging atmosphere throughout the entire course.

We, at Riwaq Al Azhar, believe that one effective and easy way to learn Arabic for a child is by turning what we teach into a game. This tactic plays a vital role throughout the entire process of teaching Arabic for children and is of great importance because it makes them want to take their Arabic language learning further. Your child in this course will learn the Arabic alphabet for beginners from scratch, the connected form of letters, different types of Tashkeel (Arabic diacritics), and a lot more in the most enjoyable and amusing way!

Accepting children of early ages.

It goes without saying that children’s brain is just like a sponge. That is mainly why the effect of learning in childhood is like engraving on a stone as their minds are still fresh and they learn more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, some researchers show that people who started learning how to speak Arabic – or any other second language – at an early age seemed to learn it in a much easier and effective way than elder learners.

Riwaq Al Azhar Institute, therefore, is more than ready to accept very young learners as we offer online Arabic courses specially designed to suit the needs of kids and toddlers because we believe that children show quicker learning ability during their early ages.

Highly-qualified native tutors.

It goes without discussion that there can be no successful Arabic classes for kids without having well-trained teachers with needed experience and skills as they are considered the most important factor in the educational process and the methods they use in conveying Arabic lessons for kids can entirely affect their students’ improvement. At Riwaq Al Azhar Institute, you can find a hand-picked variety of native Arabic teachers who are dedicated to teaching the language of Islam properly and effectively.

In addition to that, most of our teachers are certified by Al-Azhar which is one of the most prestigious and authentic institutes of Islamic and Arabic learning all over the Islamic world. Our tutors also have years of experience in the field of teaching Arabic for kids and non-Arabic speakers in general.

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Regular weekly and monthly reports.

As we believe that evaluating the progress of our students can encourage them to remain motivated and productive and catapult their progress forward, we have a special monitoring system to evaluate the improvement of your children in Arabic and the progress they achieve in reading and writing Arabic throughout our special course Arabic for Kids. We hand out weekly and monthly progress reports that make you keep track of the performance of your child during the rewarding journey of learning Arabic for children.

Flexible schedules.

Our schedules are super flexible in order to accommodate your availability any time of the day and make it much easier for you to start the rewarding journey of teaching Arabic for kids. You can set your own schedule that best suits you and your family’s needs with the most affordable fees and two free trial classes!

 Affordable fees with the highest quality.

One of the biggest challenges that may face parents who want to teach their children Arabic is to find a proper Arabic course for kids with affordable fees. They are often concerned about how much it will cost to have a native Arabic teacher for their kids (which in most cases costs a lot). However, our goal at Riwaq Al Azhar is to offer the best online Arabic course for your children with perfect quality and totally reasonable fees.

online arabic classes for kids

Arabic For Kids Course Goals

It is believed that stimulating the brain of children and developing their curiosity about what they learn are some of the most effective learning aids during teaching Arabic for kids. Children need to feel curious about what they learn in order to follow along and retain what they learn, and that is exactly what we do at Riwaq Al Azhar with our best online Arabic classes for kids.

By the end of our special course Arabic for Kids your child will be able to:

  • Recognize any Arabic letter in different shapes and positions.
  • Differentiate between heavy letters and light ones.
  • Pronounce all letters with their Arabic diacritics (Tashkeel).
  • Correctly and spontaneously read entire words and sentences.

And a lot more!

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and enroll in our special Arabic course for kids and let your child start such a rewarding endeavor!

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